Men, the Flesh Lovers ! ! !

Men, at least over the last century, have become great flesh lovers. This is evident from the fact that, Internet traffic records highest for sites having pornographic content, Somewhere in the world, a women is raped every ten seconds, even as I write. In reality, women are more affected than men. Intercourse has become more lust oriented, rather than love. Its no more considered just a reproducing mechanism, but a pleasure house. Why is it so???

The basic reason behind this is Gender Differentiation. In most of the countries, women play a second class citizen. They are never treated equally to men and are made dependent on this men, every stage of their life. In certain countries the situation is worse. they play slaves to men. If a husband sees her talk to another man, he will even kill her. Men has too much freedom in every aspect of life compared to a women, be it clothes, the way of life or name it. In a certain faith, she is expected to dress, head to toe. whereas men can roam naked.

Back, when Homoerectus was evolving into present day Homosapiens, no one wore anything except a small dry leaf over their gender identification parts. Men and women were treated the same, as humans. There are no records of sexual abuse during their reign. Both co-existed and flesh meant nothing. Both interacted well and the rest is history.

But, once this gender differentiation arose, flesh started playing a part. Something which is hidden is called a treasure and flesh got added to that list. Men and women started hiding and its value rocketed. I can definitely say, Flesh addiction is the worst addiction today in the World.

How do we put a stop to this??? Fore go our clothes. Its simply not possible and foolish too. What else then? Simple. Bridge the gender differentiation gap. How??? Treat men and women equally. Let them interact well with the opposite sex. If men are given freedom, so must be women. Give them their freedom. If men can dress as they wish, so can women. If men lead their own life, so can women. Let them taste independence.

Don't make sex a controlled availability, a sort of commodity. Let the future generation understand intercourse just as a reproductive mechanism rather than a pleasure house. Let them understand flesh as a biological component made of cells and tissues. Many will oppose me, because its against their tradition. But please understand that, traditions are for men, Men are not for traditions.

P.S. For all flesh lovers, you may want to make a deal with your nearest butcher for a continuous supply of fresh flesh. Go and dip your heads into his plates.


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