Forbidden history: A brief history of Tamizhakam

Tamizhakam is the ancient homeland of ancient Tamil speakers comprising modern day Tamil Nadu, Kerala and parts of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Northern-eastern parts of Srilanka are traditionally included as a part of Tamizhakam. The geographic region has been inhabited since the paleolithic age and has a recorded history of about 2500–3000 years. This is a brief overview of Tamils in Tamizhakam.
Ten compelling literary works: Tamil has a very vast collection of literature. Based on the time period in which Tamil texts were composed, Tamil literature is classified into Sangam literature (500 BCE to 300 CE) Post-Sangam literature (300 CE to 700 CE) Medieval literature (700 CE to 1700 BCE) Modern literature (After 1700 CE) Thirukkural - A collection of 1330 couplets structured as 133 chapters, each containing 10 couplets. Deals with virtue, morality and ethics of individuals. Secular work dated to a century before or after Christ. Crown jewel of Tamil literature. Very very relevant to modern …