The out of India myth

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The Out of India theory is an alternative theory to the Aryan migration theory. It claims that India is the homeland to all Indo-Europeans and sanskrit is the oldest of all Indo-European languages. The arguments of OIT proponents are the lack of evidence to support Aryan Invasion theory, lack of genetic evidence to support the Aryan Migration theory, claims in hindu literature to longer antiquity for Vedas and cultural similarities to Iranians and Mittani rulers. So far, linguistic, genetic, historical, cultural anthropological studies have lent no evidence in favour of the OIT. As a last resort, OIT proponents infer parts of Rig Veda to stake a claim for the OIT. Unfortunately, it lacks any scholarly value. Based on evidences discovered so far, the OIT is just a myth, but the hindutvas continue to peddle it. What is the out of India theory?
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Conversation with hindutva ideologist - his views on Tamil, Sanskrit and Arabic

A few days ago, I posted the following on Facebook. First, I would like to apologise because there is one factual mistake in this. There is one sanskrit inscription that seems to predate the Rundraman inscriptions by 25–50 years. It is dated 112 A.D. Please read about it in the link below. What is the oldest Sanskrit Inscription and where is it located? I added a note to the original post in Facebook because I had been countered with myth and legends, been called names earlier for stating facts. So did not want encounter that this time. However, out comes the hindutva ideologist and then on the conversation loses sight of its purpose. I will only interpret portions of it but will share the post in full as pictures. Part 1: As you can see the conversation begins casually. He mentions Barabar caves. I mention it has Prakrit-Brahmi inscriptions. He mentions something else in the next line. I don't understand it. So I ask for clarification. He seems to claim the Mauryan inscriptions from Bara…